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Your advantages as a Shopify-Seller


No installation, no database setup, automatic updates and just in a few minutes your shop is fully functional and ready for use.

No charges

For you as a seller there are no additional costs due to your Shopify connection. Textiles, production and customer service do not cost you a cent at Shirtee.


Shirtee is a Print-On-Demand platform. We produce your product when an order is placed. So there is no need for storage and you only pay when your orders come in.

Fast shipping

We produce and ship your products within 2 working days. Your product is within a short period of time on its way to your customer.

Generate your API key & password in Shopify

To transfer your products from Shirtee to Shopify, we need access to the Shopify API interface. Information about how to do this can you find here


Create a Shirtee Shop

Add all the products you want to sell in your Shopify Shop. This Shirtee shop will be important in the next few steps and forms the core piece of your Shopify connection.


We need following information for the connerction:

Your Shirtee Designer ID, Shirtee Shop ID, API key & API password and your Shopify – Shop URL.


Constant synchronization of your products

Every six hours we automatically synchronize your shop with all your products for you. This guarantees you flexibility and your Shopify Shop is always up to date.


Changing products in Shopify

You can change all your products in Shopify but please do not change the SKU/article numbers. Note: If you uncheck the box "Synchronized" in your Shirtee Shop, the product will be re-synchronized and your changes will be overwritten.


100% your Shop!

All you have to do is "accept" your customers' payments. As soon as an order is marked as "paid", we collect it automatically. We send the packages in your name, completely neutral and you are listed as the sender. (Dropshipping) As soon as the order leaves our warehouse, the status in your Shopify backend is set to "fulfilled".


Further process:

  • When your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you an invoice by e-mail.
  • Shirtee has a so-called "Wallet" for the settlement of your Dropshipping orders. You need to top up credit so that your Dropshipping orders can be produced and shipped as quickly as possible.
  • We ship the products in your name and in a completely neutral package.
  • You are the boss of your Shop and also take care of the returns. Small hint: Many Shopify-Sellers use these returns for small competitions and online promotions.
  • The costs for the products are incredibly low.

Why Shirtee + Shopify?

Fulfillment of Shirtee

We print and ship your Shopify orders automatically

Add produtcs

With your connection from Shirtee to Shopify you can easily add products to your Shopify Shop

Trustworthy marketplace

Millions of customers already trust in Shopify Shop Systems

Promote your products

Shopify offers advertising opportunities for sellers

Product variety

Combine products from different suppliers in your shop

White Label

We ship your orders neutrally and with you as the sender