Shopify Integration


With SHIRTEE you can easily and quickly integrate and sell your products on Shopify.

Advantages as a Shopify seller

Shopify Cloud System

No installation or setup of a database. In a few minutes your new shop is up and running.

Free connection

The seamless integration of your WooCommerce products into your WooCommerce store is completely free for you as a seller.

On-demand production

All orders are produced by us from the 1st piece. Therefore you do not need any stock and only pay when an order has been placed.

Fast delivery

As a rule, we produce and ship your products within only 2 working days. Once purchased, the order is already on its way to your customer!

Advertise your products

Shopify gives you the opportunity to promote your products in different ways and on different platforms

Complementary products

Combine your products with complementary items from various other vendors in your shop

Set up Shopify connection


Generate your API key & password in Shopify

In order to transfer your products from Shirtee to Shopify, we need access to the Shopify API interface. Instructions can be found here:
Shopify API setupn


Shopify Setting & PayPal

Please change the following settings in the Shopify backend

  • In "Apps" under "Admin API" set all permission to "Read and Write".
  • In "Settings"under "Checkout" activate in "Form Options" the option Require first and last name"

You also need a PayPal account with a deposited credit card.


Create a Shirtee Shop

Add there all products you want to sell in your Shopify Store. This shop will be the heart of your connection in the future.


For the connection we need the following information

  • Your Shirtee Designer ID
  • Shirtee Shop ID
  • API Key & API Password
  • Your Shopify-Shop URL.

As soon as you have all the details together, you can start your connection request here:
Request connection


Regular synchronization of your products

Every six hours we synchronize your products for you. So you always stay flexible and your shop up to date.


Edit products on Shopify

You can customize all your products on Shopify, only please make sure that the SKU/article numbers are not changed.

Note: If you uncheck "Synchronized" in the Shirtee Shop for a campaign, the product will be synchronized again and the changes you made in the Shopify will be overwritten.


At your shop, you're the boss!

You only have to "accept" the payments of your customers. As soon as an order is marked as "paid", we pick it up automatically. As soon as the order leaves our warehouse, its status is set to "fulfilled" in your Shopify backend. All packages that we send in your name and with you as sender (Dropshipping) are packed neutrally.

More info:

  • As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you an invoice by e-mail.
  • You are the boss and therefore also take over returns. A little tip: Many sellers use these for competitions, for example.
  • The product costs are incredibly low.


As soon as you have completed all the steps in the instructions and gathered all the necessary information, you can start your connection request here.