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"How do I connect my Shirtee Shop with my Amazon Seller Central Account?" you might ask now. We have created a tutorial for you that explains point by point what you have to pay attention to.

Connect your Shirtee Shop with Amazon

We have compiled a checklist & instructions for you, which give you an overview of all the requirements that must be fulfilled for a successful connection of a Shirtee Shop to Amazon. A detailed explanation of the individual points can be found below.

Please pay attention to every point and work through the list carefully, otherwise we will not be able to establish the connection.

  • Registered on Amazon as a professional seller
  • GTIN / EAN exemption requested & confirmed
  • Signed up on Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)
  • Shirtee Shop fully prepared
  • Products added to the Shirtee Shop


Sign up as a professional seller at Amazon

If you want to sell products on Amazon, you need to register as a professional Amazon seller. The professional account costs €39 per month plus sales fees. Further information and the registration can be found under the following link:

Info & Sign up

Note: It may take a few weeks for your merchant account to be activated. You pay the €39 per month fee only after your account has been unlocked.


Apply for a GTIN / EAN exemption

In order to connect the two systems, it is mandatory that your Amazon account receives a so-called GTIN-exemption. You can apply for this via the Seller Central. The GTIN-exemption also releases you from the obligation to purchase EAN-numbers, which is a basic requirement for us to act as your Dropshipping Partner.

You can get a GTIN / EAN exemption for a registered trademark (registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office DPMA), or for a seller account that has been temporarily trademark exempt. Amazon calls these accounts "Generic" and exempts them, initially for a limited period of three months, from the obligation to use EAN numbers.


Sign up for the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)

After successful registration (click here) you will receive an API key, which we can use to connect your Amazon account with your Shirtee account. Since Amazon does not have any tutorials for this yet, here are the most important steps:


Prepare Shirtee shop ideally / add products and synchronize

Add in your Shirtee Shop all products you want to sell on your Amazon Seller account. This shop will be the heart of your connection in the future. Note: For technical reasons, the shop may not contain any subcategories (sub-shops). In addition, please only place a "small" campaign (with few variants) in the shop at the beginning, as otherwise we cannot set up the connection for technical reasons. Every eight hours we synchronize your products for you. So you always stay flexible and your shop up to date.

When a campaign is imported into your Seller Central account, Amazon generates so-called ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for this process. An ASIN is generated for each product variant. A product variant is e.g. a Men's Basic T-Shirt in the color black, size Small. A T-shirt in the colour black, size Medium is another ASIN.

Amazon only awards a very limited number of ASINs per calendar week. Therefore we recommend: Reduce your campaigns to a minimum of colors and products so that you can upload more designs in total instead of just one design on countless products.


Connect your Amazon seller account to Shirtee

In addition to your registered trademark and the access data you received from Amazon MWS, we need the following:

  • Designer ID (you can find in the Shirtee Dashboard)
  • Shop ID (you can find in the Shirtee Dashboard as well)
  • Seller ID (Amazon)
  • AWS Access Key ID (Amazon)
  • Secret / Private Key (Amazon)
  • Your exact brand name (registered trademark on Amazon)

As soon as you have collected all the above information, please send us your connection request using the following form:


Good advice at the last!

Our support staff will inform you immediately as soon as the connection is established and active. If your customers now buy from you via Amazon, we will produce and ship the order. The whole thing is, of course, strictly shipping neutral and in your name.

The connection gives you the opportunity to sell profitably on the largest marketplace in the world. Your reach increases immensely and many designers already earn a considerable amount of money this way.

But it is also important here - "No hard work, no price". Business is not an absolute success and uploading products is only a small part of the job. As a salesperson, you have a variety of tasks that need to be done regularly. Sending invoices, communicating with your customers, providing support, coordinating returns and much more. Shirtee and Amazon already offer you many possibilities, but a successful seller always invests time and effort into his business. So please don't be surprised if the whole thing not only yields money, but also needs a little attention.

There's no business like Shirt business!

We hope you have a blast and enjoy selling on Amazon!