About Shirtee
What is Shirtee?

Selling your own designs almost blindfolded – That is Shirtee

What developed as a Start-Up Idea in Cologne in 2016 is now a Europe-wide leading Print-On-Demand business that gives everyone the opportunity to become a designer in a wink of an eye. Shirtee especially has its focus on the importance of a transparent and sustainable production.

Who started Shirtee?

Shirtee emerged from the Boender & Beutel GmbH in Cologne. The company was founded in 2007 and specializes in textile finishing. Shirtee is not another E-Commerce Company – We are one of the few Print-On-Demand Companies that print and produce itself.

What collaterals does Shirtee offer?

It is simple and safe. There is no financial risk and no need for you to take care of customer service or dispatch. We’ll take care of you and your customers. The special thing about Shirtee? You are making profit from the very first generated sale on. Since you set the price your customer has to pay, you can determine the profit you make by yourself. Now you are ready to go! We also take care of your security online – This includes consistent use of HTTPS for data encoding, so your information is safe and cannot be accessed by a third party.

What role does providing the customer with high quality products play?

For delivering the best results for your requirements, we only use high quality printing processes like Sublimation Printing and Direct Digital Printing. Shirtee especially has its focus on the importance of a transparent and sustainable production.

For Designers
How do I start a campaign?

Creating a campaign is super simple, it only takes three steps! First click on the button “Create a Campaign” on our Homepage. Second - pick you requested textiles and upload your Designs. Third – Choose a price and the time span of your campaign and add a headline, description and your favorite URL. As simple as that!

What costs do I have to expect?

From production to dispatch and customer service – We offer these services completely free of charge and make sure that your ideas will be realized in the best possible way.

Which format is necessary for uploading files?

For a straightforward procedure we ask you to save your files in .PNG format. To reach an optimal printing performance choose 300dpi with max. 3000x3000px.

I have trouble creating a campaign or uploading files – What can I do?

Please use our contact form (https://shirtee.zendesk.com/hc/de/requests/new) and choose your subject. You can also upload files there!

Do I need to register as a Designer?

If you want to create campaigns and sell them you need to create an Account. There you can keep an eye on your sells, the money you already made and will stay informed about news.

Do I have to set a destination?

Nope! You can set a destination during creating a campaign; this is just for your information so you can get an overview of your possible profit. We will produce immediately your first order gets in!

How high should the selling price be?

This is completely up to you! Your Designs – Your decisions. However you should set a price that is realistic so you can make a lot of sells in the future. We recommend to set a price that results in a profit between 3 and 6€ per product.

Who can see my Campaigns?

You decide who can see your campaign! You can share your URL on different social media platforms and even have the possibility to activate your campaign for our market place.

Can I sell more than my set destination?

For sure! There is no limit, the more you sell the more profit you’ll get!

How do I notice a new Sale?

On your Dashboard you can get an overview over all of your campaigns, sells and profits.

Attention: Orders on prepayment will only get count when they actually got paid. Depending on the credit institute and country, this can take a while. In a few cases orders sadly won’t get paid by the customer and we have to cancel them.

What’s happening when my destination is not reached?

We produce when the first order is made. There are no consequences if your set destination is not reached.

Will there be anything deducted from my profits?

No! The exercise price already includes any arising expenses.

When and how will I receive my profit?

Once the order was shipped you can request a Cashout via your Dashboard. Your profit will be credited via PayPal or transfer.

Are my profits taxed?

Taxes are a pretty complex thematic and different from case to case so that we cannot make a sweeping statement on that point. We recommend that you should consult your tax advisers. Generally we can say that revenues that are generated on Shirtee are taxable in a rule and also factored as a taxable income. The correct declare is within your responsibility! Every price on Shirtee includes 19% of the statutory value-added tax. If you are an entrepreneur please give us adequate evidence via e-mail (law@shirtee.de). In this case your profit will be distributed in gross. In every other case we distribute your profits in net and pay the taxes for you.

For Customers
Customer Support

Our support team helps you with all upcoming questions – without extra fees. Just send us a message at any time using our contact form. Just choose your subject, write a mail and maybe upload some pictures and we’ll write back as soon as possible (https://www.shirtee.com/de/support/).


Quality always has the highest priority. For delivering the best results for your requirements, we only use high quality printing processes like Sublimation Printing and Direct Digital Printing. Shirtee especially has its focus on the importance of a transparent and sustainable production.

Will I receive an order confirmation through e-mail?

Once we’ve received your order you’ll get an e-mail that displays all necessary information at one glance. Sometimes this can take a while so please be patient!

Does the Designer get personal information about me?

Don’t worry! Your data are confidentially treated and not given to third parties!

How secure is my payment?

The communication on our website is encrypted with a SSL-based HTTP protocol (HTTPS) and your data is transmitted in encrypted format.

What payment methods are there?

By our cooperation with the company Mollie our customers have the possibility to have several safe payment modalities: Purchase on account, PayPal, Prepayment and “immediate transfer”.

How much are the shipping costs?

We are sending your orders per DHL. The shipping costs within Germany are 5,90€ and within Europe 6,95€.

When will I receive my order?

We produce and dispatch within 3-4 business days after order receipt.