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Tactical Tech
Tactical Tech
Tactical Tech

How do digital technologies impact the way we get informed and make decisions? How can we as a society face the 'side-effects' of an increasingly tech and data-driven world?

Tactical Tech is a non-profit that, since 2003, has co-created bold and forward-looking experiences, interventions and educational offerings that invite people to reflect critically on how technology impacts our lives and the way we understand and respond to the most daring challenges like climate crises and polarisation.

For two decades, we have collaborated with partners and civil society organisations worldwide with whom we work at the intersection of technology, research, design and art on projects that promote conversations around critical topics while developing a sense of agency and encouraging lasting transformations.  

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Your donation to Tactical Tech is an investment in extraordinary impact! Your support will be designated to cover our "core" organisational and administrative costs.

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