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Printed in Germany

In order to guarantee our high quality standard, we keep production and dispatch under one roof.

Retail quality

High-quality textile and print quality - that's what Shirtee stands for. Our aim is to offer you maximum product quality.

Fast delivery

We produce and ship within a few working days so that you can quickly hold your individual product in your hands.

Convincing quality and variety of designs with Shirtee

Selling your own designs almost blindfolded
– that is Shirtee

When it comes to e-commerce, Shirtee is the company that expresses every message in a special way. Textiles and accessories are not just articles of clothing, but a personal medium to carry your personality and messages literally into the world. Originally based on the successful model of crowdfunding for textile printing from the USA, Shirtee revolutionised the local market after only two years and established a new sales channel in online sales of products to be printed on demand. Shirtee not only acts as a sustainable print-on-demand platform, but above all offers creative minds a platform to design unique products, distribute them via international marketplaces and create their own professional online shops. Shirtee takes over the fulfillment from production to operation to customer service.

Your individual designs
in convincing quality

Strong colour application, bright colours, washability and haptics - decisive points for outstanding quality in textile printing and highest priority for us. That's why we use the latest and most modern printing technology. Whether digital printing, screen printing or embroidery - we unite all high-quality printing processes under one roof. So you've come to the right place when it comes to textile finishing. You can decide whether you choose our self-designer with a variety of designs, use our marketplaces or we integrate your existing shop with us and you benefit from all the advantages that Shirtee has to offer. Beside the main product T-Shirt Shirtee offers a further large selection of products such as sweatshirts, mobile phone covers, floor mats, cups and much more! The best thing about it - you don't bear any financial risk and don't have to worry about customer support or shipping.

Bulk orders - no problem with Shirtee

Bulk orders of textiles for companies, clubs, bands, graduation classes or other bulk orders are part of Shirtee's everyday business. But what are bulk orders? Bulk orders start from about 20 ordered products with the same finishing (in form and execution). From these quantities on, the high-quality screen printing process pays off, as the high basic costs for production are spread over a larger number. Orders with smaller quantities can be ordered via our designer in digital printing.

Simple. Safe.

Shirtee sees itself as a fullfilment service provider in the print on demand business. In order to meet the individual wishes and needs of our partners, we have developed a multitude of solutions. Here, too, stagnation means backwardness for us - through a constant exchange with our users and an open ear for criticism, we constantly develop ourselves and the platform further and make the highest demands on ourselves in every respect.

Decide for yourself how many people you want your design to appeal to and then it's for you: Lean back! Because Shirtee does the rest of the work for you, no matter if a link to your own Shopify Store, WooCommerce or Amazon Dropshipping. From production to shipping we at Shirtee make sure that your individual ideas are implemented in the best possible quality and that your designs are produced and shipped within two days of receipt of payment by the buyer.