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A call for international women's rights!


Who are we?


We are Daim de Rijke & Donata Kramarz, known as NOSOYO, a pop music duo from Berlin. Strong believers in individuality and equality. Making music to connect people and start the hard conversations with the focus on love.

NOSOYO translates to “I am not myself, I am everything” meaning, there is no “I” and therefore no self, but instead we are one. The only constant is change, but we all know it takes great force to get something moving. So we thought, why not virtually connect people who care about women’s rights via one of the most powerful forces in this world - music!

What is the cause?


Our band name was born during our travels in Argentina, where we learned about the growing pro-choice movement happening there. Thousands of young people (mostly women) donning green bandanas and faces painted glitter, taking to the streets of Buenos Aires and other cities around the world, demanding the decriminalization of abortion.

The situation in Argentina:

- Women can face up to four years in prison for even seeking an illegal abortion

- 18 percent of maternal deaths are linked to complications with unsafe procedures

- Pro legalization bills, like the one proposed in May, are defeated year after year in congress

- The country of reported 278 cases of femicide last year, according to official data.

While the new legislation is unlikely to return to the Senate before 2020, activists are determined to keep the pressure on! The movement has attracted more than 100,000 supporters in 2018. This year, organizers are hoping to shatter that ceiling, and we want to be a part of it!

It’s time we stand up and support our sisters in peril, to show the world that when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Together we can usher in a new era of group empowerment and self-determination, so let’s throw some glitter on it!

What is #glittertomysisters? 

Our recent single “Glitter” is all about valuing yourself, having the confidence to move away from toxic relationships and not letting anyone tell you who you are or who you are not. We thought this would be a great opportunity to use our stage to support the efforts in Argentina and women’s rights movements around the world.

Listen here ->




1) Hashtag #glittertomysisters


We are approaching our friends, fellow artists, musicians and influencers asking them to help us promote the cause by posting photo's/videos, while using our very own Instagram filter! (, sharing thoughts and experiences on pro-choice, handwritten or spoken, using the hashtag #glittertomysisters. We feel really strongly about this and our opportunity to affect change in a place we care deeply about. We know you do too, so ladies and gents let’s get some glitter to our sisters!


2) #glittertomysisters Instagram Filter:

This AR filter has been crafted specifically for this purpose and exists exclusively in the context of this cause on our band profiles, using these new media in creative ways for social purposes. It can be accessed by anyone and used to give the movement an overall look on all social media platforms.

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